Heather Schofield


Multi-Award Winning Makeup Artist | Licensed Cosmetologist | Instructor | Beauty Expert

Owner of HS-Artistry

Heather Schofield, owner of HS-Artistry, is a multi-award winning New England based Master Makeup Artist, Licensed Instructor with experience in various aspects of media makeup: special occasion, commercial, fashion, and glamour for editorial, video, and print. Having worked with various celebrities, photographers, models, designers, and publications, she is a well known and accomplished young artist.

Her mission is to empower both men and women by helping them to discover their self-esteem and makeup can play an integral part of that process. With a blend of creative vision, style, and specializing in both makeup and hair styling, she has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal..

Heather says "I've always been interested in fine art since I was very young. I never lost that passion and intrigue. I started painting acrylic on canvas and never looked back. I just changed the canvas. Now, I'm a wildly ambitious artist. I love being able to transform my clients and make them see themselves in another light, as well as giving them the knowledge to do it themselves. I'm always inspired, whether its by my surroundings or the uniqueness of the individual."

Heather is a fully licensed, certified, and insured, International Master Makeup Artist, licensed Cosmetologist & Esthetician, and Make Up Designory Instructor, signed to talent agency, MLR Artist Management.

Favorite Work